Is IronFX a SCAM?

For many traders who have come across a range of reviews with the title IronFX scam broker, it is understandable to find themselves wondering what the truth is. IronFX has been in the industry for years and because it has gained considerable success and reputation, it has also come under attack. Forex trading is also a very exciting hobby, or profession for some traders, and it is very easy to make money fast, or make rash decisions, as many traders usually let their emotions overtake them. This is why forex trading is not for everyone, but for those that succeed in keeping a rational mind, managing risk and having a clear plan and strategy.

Why Forex Trading with IronFX is Safe

Many traders have heard people online saying IronFX scam but, this is not commonly experienced by traders. Since many years have passed where people have been saying this and without any action being taken, these remain unfounded rumours.

When it comes to the broker’s actual offering this has been absolutely flawless and delivers exactly what is expected. One of the things that the company stands out for is its instant deposits and withdrawals. Clients can easily open accounts fast and deposit their funds with their preferred payment method. Opening an account is easy and clients have the opportunity to choose what account they wish from Live fixed or floating and ECN/STP. Once you deposit funds, you can start trading and you can withdraw all your profits quite fast and you do not have to wait for days. For most clients it is useful to get in touch with their account manager who is always available to offer assistance and resolve any potential issues, without stress.


Not processed withdrawals or withdrawals processed with a hefty commission has been a complaint that was voiced by some traders. But, such a statement is usually a complaint limited to a small group of traders. IronFX has been known for its fast withdrawals because it appreciates its traders and wants to make sure they can enjoy their profits as soon as possible. Very often, any issues arising regarding this matter can be connected to the simple mistake of traders forgetting to use the same method with which they have deposited their funds, and they end up facing delays. Many brokers have similar issues and clients say IronFX scam, but this is not the case. If you have deposited funds using Neteller or Skrill, you need to use Neteller or Skrill to also withdraw your profits.


Traders online usually complain about many brokers for losing funds, but sometimes this is the result of leverage, bad decisions, not having a clear trading strategy, or using bonuses without understanding the terms and conditions. IronFX has provided feedback to traders and has managed to successfully resolve any possible issues with funds.

Services are Impeccable

For many traders, forex trading can be very stressful and demanding, but it helps when brokers relieve the stress and make processes clear and easy. IronFX has been very useful and supportive and made complex procedures much easier when it comes to client issues over the years. This is why their portal has improved immensely the last few years and many traders attest to this. Traders have also commented online that deposits are fast, withdrawals equally speedy, and live chat quite good. There are obviously fees to be paid and this might affect traders’ final funds, but this is part of using a broker.


The company operates in various jurisdictions, so it is good to check as a client where you are eligible to open an account. Getting in touch with their customer support team is a great way to clarify any such questions before you waste any time. People have said that IronFX is not licensed but this is misinformation. IronFX has various websites and is regulated by different authorities. Traders should get in touch with their account manager and find out what applies to them.

IronFX scam has also come up when people were discussing leverage. Leverage is a highly contested issue and unless you have enough funds to keep your positions open, you might be asked from your broker to add more, or your orders might close. This is also what has made traders continue saying IronFX scam, IronFX scam, but this is again a misinterpretation of the facts.

Is IronFX a legitimate broker?

IronFX is a good and legitimate broker, despite people saying they are a fraud. They have proved repeatedly that their customer care, online offering and available information was always transparent and top notch. It is regulated by multiple authorities and remains fair and open to all its traders no matter which jurisdiction they fall into or what complaints they might have.