Are IronFX Account Managers Cheaters?

Within the sphere of online trader reviews, many themes and topics of discussion emerge, regarding different foreign exchange, or forex, brokers – some positive, some negative. However, exactly how much can you trust them and how accurate are they? In an age of fake news, deepfake videos, computer bots, and algorithms, now more than ever, getting to the truth of the matter has never been more important. This article takes a look at what is being written about the forex broker IronFX, and in particular, the issue of whether IronFX account managers are cheaters. IronFX scam is a phrase that has appeared in some of the online comments posted by reviewers, so some of the facts surrounding these claims are addressed here, to help you sift through what is true and what is false.

IronFX Depositing of Funds

One recurring theme that crops up is that the account managers are cheaters and a fraud, forming part of a wider IronFX scam. After viewing some of these claims, there was a deeper dive into the facts to ascertain whether there is any real proof or evidence of this. While there are reports of account managers blocking refunds and clients losing deposits, there is no further indication of this, and the comments are the subjective opinion of certain individuals. In fact, quite the opposite is true, with IronFX ranking highly in terms of the fast execution of funds, which includes both deposits and withdrawals. The broker offers a good range of payment methods to their clients, including all the main, trustworthy companies that are used by people all over the world. IronFX clients can deposit funds through their debit or credit card, or via other well-known established means, including through Skrill, Neteller, China Union Pay, Trustly, and many more. These are all reputable payment methods, each with their own policies to ensure the safety and security of funds, including the claiming back of funds.

Is IronFX Licensed and Regulated?

It was noticed that some online commenters have suggested that this broker has no licence and that they are a criminal company, adding further weight to the IronFX scam theories. When selecting a forex broker to trade with, checking whether they are regulated is a crucial step to take before opening a live trading account. The broker abides by the applicable international and European regulatory standards. The IronFX Group of Companies comprises of investment firms authorised and regulated by the most competent financial authorities from around the world. This includes the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). IronFX is fully licensed and regulated with the above bodies and has the relevant registration numbers to support this.

How is IronFX’s Customer Support Team?

While online statements such as the IronFX support team is rude and unprofessional might have not gone unnoticed, such claims could not be substantiated. The company states that it offers native customer support in 45 different languages, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is also clear that the company is rated highly for its customer service offering, with its support team being widely praised for its efficiency and the account managers were described on several occasions as ‘helpful’, ‘prompt’ and ‘supportive’. In conclusion, the IronFX broker is a trustworthy broker, in terms of depositing funds, being a regulated broker, having helpful account managers, and providing prompt customer support.