Does IronFX sell customers information to other company once withdraw?

Within the vast and competitive world of foreign exchange, or forex, there are many hundreds of forex brokerage firms in existence, each with their own specific terms and conditions in place. Due to the competition being so hotly contested among the various brokers, it has led to an environment in which there are many comments posted online. As part of this, there are some IronFX withdrawal posts from users who claim that the broker sells customers information to other companies once they withdraw.

Is your information safe with IronFX?

With regards to IronFX withdrawal, the company stipulates on its website that the security of client funds is a dominating element of the group’s philosophy. It is placed as one of the broker’s priorities, alongside unmatched trading conditions and award-winning customer support team. IronFX uses the latest technology and software as part of efforts to keep clients’ personal information safe and secure, guarding against unwanted attention from hackers and automated systems that have the ability to steal such data. Moreover, IronFX clients are assured in the knowledge that their funds are held securely with a broker that is noted for being trustworthy. The company uses standard security features to keep clients’ information protected, including website encryption to further enhance this procedure. The MT4 trading platform also uses a one-time password in order to gain access to the MetaTrader portal. In addition to this, an extra layer of security can be added, through enabling the use of a dual-factor platform authentication.

What is the IronFX privacy policy?

The broker has a comprehensive privacy policy document, which sets out in detail the lengths taken to preserve and protect its clients’ data from unwanted sources. The company states in its terms and conditions that it does collect certain personal data, in order to meet the needs of its customers through the efficient provision of services. By collecting such data, IronFX is able to monitor and improve the services offered to new and existing customers. Information that is also stored includes personal data, such as the clients’ name, address, telephone number and/or e-mail address. Meanwhile, some financial details are stored, such as an estimate of the annual income and net worth of its clients, trading experience, and investment knowledge. However, the storage of personal data is a standard procedure across the industry and within the wider world of business. Any allegations online relating to clients’ information being sold to other companies during an IronFX withdrawal are untrue and not the case.

Is IronFX a reliable broker?

IronFX has a strong reputation internationally for its reliability and transparency, when compared to some of its nearest market competitors. It is authorised and regulated by some of the world’s leading industry bodies, meaning that the broker complies with the relevant authorities and stringent rules that are put in place. IronFX has recently celebrated a decade of operation, having first been established back in the year 2010. Since that time, the company has grown significantly, in terms of employees, offices and clients, while it has also entered into partnerships with some of the world’s most high-profile sports teams, as well as sponsorship major sporting events and competitions. The broker is currently regulated in Europe by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), under the license numbers of 125/10 and 585561, respectively. Moreover, IronFX is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under AFSL number 417482, and in South Africa by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), under license number 45276.